This web site describes how to install and get started with the Spark framework. It covers both mobile and server-side programming, and it focuses on example code and use cases.  It does not provide a complete reference to all of the APIs.  Please refer to the Javadocs for this information.  The site only covers the core framework, for more information on Spark check out the Mobiltect web site.

About this site

This documentation is intended for developers who want to learn the basics of using the Spark framework to develop mobile apps running on the Android platform.  The instructions will help you get started and show you how to use Spark to build apps; the information does not assume (or require) an in-depth knowledge of Android, but it does require basic knowledge of Java and XML.

Throughout this site, sample code is provided to illustrate programming with Spark.  Notice that the code in some cases may be incomplete and thus would not compile.  For the sake of brevity, only those code snippets relevant to illustrate some point may be shown.  However, sufficient comments and variable declarations will be provided to make the code illustrations self-explanatory.